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What you should know:

An amputated finger or part of a limb may be microsurgically reattached, provided that you follow certain rules regarding the packaging of the amputated part and delays before treatment.

What you should do:

Remain calm

Rinse the wound in physiological saline only.

Do not use cotton wool or coloured antiseptics, as these will harm the tissue.

Apply a moderate pressure dressing to the injured limb and keep it elevated.

Dry the amputated part, wrap it in dressings if possible, and place in a clean, watertight plastic bag.

Then place the plastic bag in a container with ice.

Ensure you keep an empty stomach (do not eat or drink)

Refrain from smoking

Contact the emergency department as soon as possible

What you should not do:

Apply a tourniquet

Allow the amputated part to come into direct contact with the ice (this causes serious injury through oedema and tissue burns), water or any other coloured liquid.