Dr Pr. D’Agostino, MD, PhD

Hand Clinic Brussels - Lasne

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Hand Conditions

The hand is a unique part of the human body, made up of bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, skin and blood vessels. All these structures are intimately linked and must all be in perfect condition in order for the hand to function at its best.

Dr D'Agostino, qualified hand surgeon, is trained to diagnose and treat problems associated with the hand, wrist and forearm.

During your private hand surgery consultation, you will receive the latest information relating to your problem and treatment options.

Hand Surgery is a specialty in its own right at the confluence of Orthopedic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. The exercise of this art thus requires extensive knowledge in these two areas of expertise.

The purpose of Dr. D'Agostino is to provide effective solutions, and best treatments tailored to your particular case.

Problems treated by a hand surgeon do not always require surgery. Treatment may be non-surgical, such as medication, splints, physiotherapy or injections.

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