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Mucous cyst of the finger

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Usually in middle-aged or older people, it a small lump overlying the end finger near the nail.

The cyst originates from the distal interphalangeal joint (DIP) and can cause a deformity of the nail plate by pressure on the nail matrix.

  • Mucous cyst of the finger Mucous cyst of the finger
  • Mucous cyst of the thumb Mucous cyst of the thumb

The most common cause is osteoarthritis of the DIP joint of the finger. It is secondary to wear out of this joint.

See Osteoarthritis of the fingers and Synovial cyst sections

Although there is usually no pain, a mucous cyst may become tender, especially when knocked. There may also be symptoms of arthritis with pain, stiffness and deformity of the joint.

Occasionally, the cyst fluid leaks through the thin overlying skin from time to time. An infection may occur.

Clinical exam is typical but X-rays are necessary to assess the joint.

If a digital mycous cyst does not cause any symptoms, no treatment is required.

Surgery can be performed when the cyst is painful, or because of the cyst volume and risk of skin breakage and infection. The cyst is removed and the joint will be debrided simultaneously to decrease the risk of recurrence. Recurrence however is always possible.

During your consultation, Dr. D'Agostino will discuss the current treatment options and can help you choose the best treatment based on your particular case.