Dr Pr. D’Agostino, MD, PhD

Hand Clinic Brussels - Lasne

LOUISE +32 2 534 29 99 LASNE +32 2 653 11 11


For One Day Clinic, patients will be discharged on the same day if agreed by Dr D'Agostino and/or the Anaesthetist.

Do not leave the department without your next appointment, prescriptions and doctor's note for your workplace

Keep your hand elevated above heart level for 48 hours, in a sling during the day and on a pillow at night

Move your fingers frequently as soon as you are able, if allowed

Move your elbow and shoulder

How quickly you are discharged will depend on the type of anaesthesia used :

  • Immediate discharge for LA
  • Discharge 1 to 2 hours after leaving the operating room for LRA
  • Discharge at least 2 hours after leaving the operating theatre for GA

Regardless of the type of anaesthesia, a medically necessary delay in departure or possible inpatient admission cannot be ruled out.